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A bibliography of the botany of British India and Ceylon by Blatter

A botany for India by Fyson

A dictionary of mosses by Crosby & Magill

A dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns by Willis

A hand-book to the flora of Ceylon by Trimen

A manual of botany for Indian forest students by Hole

A manual of Indian timbers by Gamble

A sketch of the flora of British India by Hooker

Adnotationes botanicae by Agardh

Age and area by Willis

Album of Indian ferns by Baynes

An introduction to the natural system of botany by Lindley

Algae aqua dulcis Indiae orientalis by Turner

Aphorismi botanici by Agardh

Beautiful flowers of Kashmir by Blatter

Bengal plants by Prain

Bibliotheca botanica by Carl Linnaeus

Catalogue of plants in the botanical garden, Bangalore, and its vicinity by Cameron

Catalogue of the plants of Kumaon by Duthie

Classes Plantarum by Agardh

Contributions to the botany of India by Wight

Critica botanica by Carl Linnaeus

Dispositio algarum Sueciae by Agardh

Enumeratio Plantarum Zeylaniae (An enumeration of Ceylon plants) by Thwaites

Flora Arabica by Blatter

Flora Hongkongensis by Bentham

Flora Indica or descriptions of Indian plants by Roxburgh

Flora Lapponica by Carl Linnaeus

Flora of Assam by Kanjilal et al

Flora of the Presidency of Madras by Gamble

Flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain by Duthie

Flora Simlensis by Collett

Flora Svecica by Carl Linnaeus

Flowering plants of Travancore by Rama Rao

Folia orchidacea by Lindley

Forest Flora of British Burma by Kurz

Forest flora of the Bombay Presidency and Sind by Talbot

Fundamenta botanica by Carl Linnaeus

Genera Plantarum by Bentham and Hooker

Genera plantarum by Carl Linnaeus

Hand-book of the Indian flora by Drury

Handbook of the British flora by Bentham & Hooker

Handbook to the ferns of British India, Ceylon and the Malay peninsula by Beddome

History of the Konkan by Nairne

Hortus Bengalensis by Roxburgh

Hortus Indicus Malabaricus by Rheede

Icones algarum Europaearum by Agardh

Icones Plantarum Indiæ Orientalis by Beddome

Icones Plantarum Indiæ Orientalis by Wight

Illustrations of Indian Botany by Wight

Indian trees by Brandis

Lahore District Flora by Kashyap

List of the trees, shrubs and large climbers found in the Darjeeling District, Bengal by Gamble

Liverworts of the western Himalayas and the Panjab plain by Kashyap

Manual of Indian forest botany by Bor

Manual of Indian forest utilization by Trotter

Materials for a flora of the Malayan Peninsula by King

Materials for a flora of the Malayan Peninsula by Ridley

Nixus Plantarum by Lindley

Notes on some plants of the Himalaya by Collett

Novae plantarum species praesertim Indiae Orientalis by Roth

On some Indian forest grasses and their oecology by Hole

Philosophia botanica by Carl Linnaeus

Plantae Asiaticae Rariores by Wallich

Plants of the coast of Coromandel by Roxburgh

Plants of the Punjab by Bamber

Prodromus florae nepalensis by Don

Prodromus Floræ Peninsulæ Indiæ Orientalis by Wight & Walker-Arnott

Punjab plants by Stewart

Report on the Forests of Travancore by Bourdillon

Report upon the forests of the Punjab and the Western Himalaya by Cleghorn

Species algarum by Agardh

Species plantarum by Carl Linnaeus

Spicilegium Neilgherrense or a of selection Neilgherry plants by Wight

Supplement to the ferns of southern India and British India by Beddome

Synopsis algarum Scandinaviae by Agardh

Systema algarum by Agardh

Systematic list of the trees, shrubs and woody climbers of the Bombay Presidency by Talbot

Système des plantes by Carl Linnaeus

Taxonomic literature by Stafleu et al.

Tentamen Florae Nepalensis Illustratae by Wallich

The Bambuseae of British India by Gamble

The Bombay Flora by Dalzell & Gibson

The common commercial timbers of India and their uses by Trotter

The dispersal of plants throughout the world by Ridley

The ferns of Bombay by Blatter

The ferns of British India by Beddome

The ferns of southern India by Beddome

The flora of British India by Hooker

The flora of Singapore by Ridley

The flora of the Malay Peninsula by Ridley

The flora of the Nilgiri and Pulney Hill-tops by Fyson

The flora of the Presidency of Bombay by Cooke

The flora of the south Indian hill stations by Fyson

The Flora Sylvatica for southern India by Beddome

The flowering plants of western India by Nairne

The fodder grasses of northern India by Duthie

The forest flora of north-west and central India by Stewart & Brandis

The forest trees of Mysore and Coorg by Cameron

The forest trees of Travancore by Bourdillon

The forests and gardens of south India by Cleghorn

The genera and species of orchidaceous plants by Lindley

The timber trees, timber and fancy woods by Balfour

The trees of the Madras Presidency by Beddome

The trees, shrubs, and woody-climbers of the Bombay Presidency by Talbot

The useful plants of India by Drury

The Vegetable Kingdom by Lindley

Tracts, historical and statistical, on India by Heyne

Vernacular list of trees, shrubs and woody climbers in the Madras Presidency by Lushington


A handbook to the birds of British Burmah by Oates

A journey from Madras through the countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar by Buchanan-Hamilton

A manual of the game birds of India by Oates

A monograph of Oriental Cicadidae by Distant

A popular treatise on the common Indian snakes by Wall

A synonymic catalogue of Homoptera by Distant

A vertebrate fauna of Malay peninsula by Boulenger

An account of Indian serpents collected on the coast of Coromandel by Russell

An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges and its branches by Buchanan-Hamilton

An account of the kingdom of Nepal by Buchanan-Hamilton

Atlas ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Néêrlandaises by Bleeker

Birds of Eastern and Southern Asia by Balfour

Catalogue of reptiles inhabiting the Malayan peninsula and islands by Cantor

Catalogue of the collection of birds' eggs in the British Museum by Oates

Catalogue of the genus Felis by Pocock

Check-list of birds of the world by Peters

Garden and aviary birds of India by Finn

How to know the Indian ducks by Finn

How to know the Indian waders by Finn

Illustrations of Indian ornithology by Jerdon

Indian sporting birds by Finn

In the Andamans and Nicobars by Kloss

Malayan fishes by Maxwell

Nalezingen op de Ichthyologische fauna van Bengalen en Hindostan by Bleeker

Notes on Jerdon's mammals of India by McMaster

Ophidia taprobanica or the snakes of Ceylon by Wall

Rhopalocera Malayana by Distant

Scientific results of the Second Yarkand Mission by Distant

Sterndale's Mammalia of India by Finn

The agricultural pests of India by Balfour

The avifauna of British India and its dependencies by Murray

The avifauna of the island of Ceylon by Murray

The birds of Calcutta by Finn

The birds of India by Jerdon

The edible and game birds of British India with its dependencies and Ceylon by Murray

The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma - Part 1

The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma - Part 2

The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma - Part 3

The game birds and wildfowl of India by Jerdon

The game birds of India and Asia by Finn

The game birds of India, Burmah and Ceylon by Hume & Marshall

The mammals of India by Jerdon

The nests and eggs of Indian birds by Hume

The poisonous terrestrial snakes of our British Indian Dominions (including Ceylon) and how to recognize them by Wall

The snakes of Europe by Boulenger

The vertebrate zoology of Sind by Murray

The waterfowl of India and Asia by Finn

The World's birds by Finn

Other useful resources

5th International Lion-tailed Macaque Symposium: 11th to 13th January 1999, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Status of South Asian Primates: 5th to 9th March 2002, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

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