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indian sporting birdsIndian sporting birds



Frank Finn

Published by Francis Edwards, London.



Frank Finn (1868 – 1 October 1932) was an English ornithologist. He went on a collecting expedition to East Africa in 1892, and became First Assistant Superintendent of the Indian Museum, Calcutta in 1894, and Deputy Superintendent from 1895 to 1903. He then returned to England, and was editor of the Avicultural Magazine in 1909-1910.

Finn was a prolific author, his works including Garden and Aviary Birds of India, How to Know the Indian Ducks (1901), Birds of Calcutta (1901), How to Know the Indian Waders (1906), Ornithological and other Oddities (1907), The Making of Species (1909, with Douglas Dewar), Eggs and Nests of British Birds (1910) and Indian Sporting Birds (1915). He also edited Robert A. Sterndale's book on the mammals of India and Ceylon and brought out a new and abridged edition titled Sterndale's Mammalia of India (1929), which included an appendix on reptiles. The weaver bird Ploceus megarhynchus was originally described from a specimen collected by A. O. Hume from Kaladhungi ...

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