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Consultancy at The Rainforest Initiative

The Rainforest Initiative is a global consultant providing advice on all aspects of environmental, energy, sustainability, climate change, and wildlife conservation issues. The breadth of services include Wildlife Conservation, Biodiversity Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainable Agriculture and Wind Energy Solutions; to name a few. By optimising our skills, our experts provide creative solutions to some of the most challenging projects.


Windmill Solutions

windmillWe offer wind resource assessment services either as a stand-alone activity or as a part of a more comprehensive technical advisory package for large energy companies. Our activities range from monitoring wind speeds, assist setting up wind-masts for long term wind parameter analysis. We also do rapid assessments and assist in getting environmental clearance for wind mill farms.


Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable AgricultureSustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that is healthy for consumers and animals, does not harm the environment, is humane for workers, respects animals, provides a fair wage to the farmer, and supports and enhances rural communities. A reliance on renewable resources means that these farms do not damage the environment, and support and enhance rural life.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact AssessmentAn Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible impact—positive or negative—that a proposed project may have on the environment, together consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects. We facilitate the drafting of planning conditions and legal agreements in order to to control design, avoid or mitigate adverse effects and enhance beneficial effects.