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Consultancy: Windmill Solutions

A wind energy system transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy that can be harnessed for practical use. The energy thus generated is normally collected and fed into the power grid, where it is mixed with electricity from other power plants and delivered to consumers.

Windmill The Rainforest Initiative's unique new service offering is easy to reap the benefits of wind energy. At every phase of wind project development, opportunities for positive economic impact exist. Through analyzing multi-source wind, environmental and economic data, The Rainforest Initiative is able to determine wind project feasibility and quantify what that means in terms of earnings and job creation for your region.

Renewable energy markets are largely driven by government policies. These include mid and long-term penetration targets and support mechanisms at national and regional level.

It is standard practice to utilise meteorological masts to measure meteorological data at a potential wind farm site. The installation and maintenance of meteorological masts is a significant cost during the development process of a wind farm. High quality meteorological data from a site is a key requirement for optimising the design of the wind farm, predicting the future energy production of the wind farm and also as an input to selecting appropriate turbine technology for a particular wind farm site.

windmill2Since the fuel for a wind farm is always free, the economics of a project are crucially dependent on the wind resource at a site. A mere 1% increase in the annual mean wind speed can boost energy production by 2% increase in some cases. That is why wind resource measurement and analysis are so crucial in project development. A robust estimate of the energy production of a prospective wind farm based on a wind and energy assessment is required to support investment and financing decisions.

Developers of a renewable energy projects not only face engineering challenges. Permission for project development can only be granted once a number of environmental hurdles have been overcome. As a one-stop shop for engineering and environmental services, The Rainforest Initiative offers an integrated approach to project development, which is extremely rare in this business. The bottom line for the client is harmonious integration of engineering and environment to optimise project development.

Wind power plants, like all other energy technologies, have some environmental impacts. However, unlike most conventional technologies (which have regional and even global impacts due to their emissions and fuel imports), the impacts of wind energy systems are minimal and local. This makes them easier for local communities to monitor and, if necessary, mitigate.

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