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The Rainforest Initiative

The Rainforest InitiativeThe Rainforest Initiative is an active and vibrant organisation committed to provide sustainable solutions. The Rainforest Initiative is a Non-Profit Public Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 235/2003). The Rainforest Initiative personnel are a motivated team with a high level of enthusiasm to fulfill this commitment. Dr. Krishnamani Ramanathan, a primatologist and rainforest ecologist, and his team, are set offer Sustainable Solutions for equitable development. He and his team are guided by a panel of renowned professionals.

The Rainforest Initiative offers sustainable solutions to ensure a better life for everyone, everywhere. We do these operations through science, educational advocacy, global conservation and consultancy. As a premier conservation NGO in India dealing with nature conservation, environmental protection and development-related issues, The Rainforest Initiative is committed to ensure, through its actions, a stable climate, fresh water, healthy oceans and reliable food. The Rainforest Initiative will strive to achieve this goal through sustainable and equitable development.

The Rainforest Initiative is a leading player in conserving the wildlife of India. In addition to this we are one of the top players providing consultancy for Windmill companies. Our committed team of professionals are pioneers in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Agriculture.