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a dictionary of mossesA dictionary of mosses

an alphabetical listing of genera indicating familial disposition, nomenclatural and taxonomic synonymy together, with a systematic arrangement of the families of mosses and a catalogue of family names used for mosses


Marshall R. Crosby &
Robert E. Magill

Published by Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO 63110, U.S.A.



Marshall R. Crosby & Robert E. Magill are both research scientists working with the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Although there are probably more species of mosses than any other class of green plants except angiosperms, their classification above the level of genus has received surprisingly little attention during the past 50 years. However, during that period a large number of genera have been described as new, some generic names have been reduced to synonymy of others, while still others have been replaced on nomenclatural grounds. A few genera have been reclassified from one family to another in attempts to arrive at a better overall classification of the mosses. This DICTIONARY provides a means of quickly determining the family in which any genus of mosses is placed. Since names treated as synonyms, many orthographic variants, and the names for genera which are accepted as taxonomic entities are included, the DICTIONARY should prove a useful curatorial tool. The last such comprehensive guide to the familial disposition to the genera of mosses appeared more than 50 years ago as Brotherus' treatment of the mosses in Die naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien (1924-25).

More information about Marshall R. Crosby & Robert E. Magill can be found here and here

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