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flowering plants of travancoreFlowering plants of Travancore



M. Rama Rao

Printed at The Government Press, Trivandrum, India.



Muttada Rama Rao (1865 - ) was a Indian botanist and explorer in the 19th and early 20th century, who worked in the Forest Department of Travancore.

Although there are numerous books dealing with the Indian Flora, they do not appear to be complete and exhaustive so far as the South Indian flora is concerned. There is reason to believe that the most interior and inaccessible portions of the Western Ghats have not yet been thoroughly explored by Botanists. To facilitate and expedite the work of preparing an exhaustive Flora, it forms part of the legitimate duties of Forest Officers who have to spend considerable portion of their time in the interior forests, to collect the requisite materials in the shape of herbarium specimens of plants, samples of woods, minor products etc so that when such material is complete, a specialist in Botany may take up the preparation of an exhaustive book on the subject.

A very substantial beginning was made by Mr. T.F. Bourdillon in the direction during his long stay in Travancore. But there is still a great to do to complete the good work he has started. His excellent book on the “Forest Trees of Travancore" ...

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0 plant species named BY Rao and 5 plant species named AFTER Rao.

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0 Plant species named BY Rama Rao


5 Plant species named AFTER Rama Rao
Updated on the 7th of May 2020

The following 5 plant species names have been described and named AFTER Rama Rao (... raoi)


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Hedychium raoi G.D.Pal & G.S.Giri, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 95(1): 102 (1998), as 'raoii' (1998).

Oberonia raoi L.R.Shakya & R.P.Chaudhary, Rheedea 10(1): 57 (2000), as 'raoii' (2000).

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