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Shiv Ram Kashyap

Published by The University of the Panjab, Lahore.



Shiv Ram Kashyap (6 November 1882 – 26 November 1934) was a botanist in British India. He was a specialist on the bryophytes especially from the Himalayan region. He has been called the father of Indian bryology.

Kashyap was born in Jhelum District in a family that had members in the army. He studied at the Punjab University receiving a medical diploma from Agra in 1904. He worked briefly in the medical service of the United Provinces during which time he privately appeared and qualified for the B.Sc. In 1909 he obtained a M.Sc. in botany. Obtaining the Arnold and Maclagan Gold medals, he went to Cambridge University in 1910 and passed the Natural Science Tripos in 1912. He then joined the government college at Lahore as a professor of biology founding the botany department in 1919. He was a founding member of the Indian Botanical Society in 1920 and edited its journal.

Following his return from England, he was appointed Professor of Botany at the Government College, Lahore, and he was promoted to ...

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1 plant species named BY Kashyap and 5 plant species named AFTER Kashyap.

adobe readerPublic DomainNo CopyrightLiverworts of the western Himalayas and the Panjab plain
1 Plant species named BY Kashyap

The following 1 plant species names have been described and named BY Kashyap (Kashyap)


Notothylas indica Kashyap in Proc. Lahore Philos. Soc., 4: 54 (1923-1924 publ.1925)

5 Plant species named AFTER Kashyap
Updated on the 16th of June 2020

The following 5 plant species names have been described and named AFTER Kashyap (... kashyapii)


Lepisorus kashyapii (Mehra) Mehra in Bir, Res. Bull. Panjab Univ., Sci. 13: 23 (1962).

Lepisorus kashyapii var. major Bir & Trikha, Amer. Fern J. 71(2): 55 (1981).

Lepisorus kashyapii var. minor Bir & Trikha, Amer. Fern J. 71(2): 55 (1981).

Pleopeltis kashyapii (Mehra) Alston & Bonner, Candollea 15: 208 (1956).

Polypodium kashyapii Mehra, Panjab Univ. Bot. Publ. 7: 24, f.5 (1939).

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