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plants of the punjabPlants of the Punjab

a descriptive key to the flora of the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province and Kashmir


Charles James Bamber

Printed by the Superintendent Government Printing, Punjab, Lahore.



Charles James Bamber (14 July 1855 - 9 January 1941) was with the Indian Medical Service. He was appointed Member, Royal Victorian Order (M.V.O.).

Information about this book: The area, dealt with, is bounded on the north and north-east by the snow line of the Himalaya, on the east and south-east by the Jumna, on the south by Central India and Scinde, and the west and north-west by Afghanistan and Baluchistan. The North-West Frontier Province has been included, because it was considered as forming part of the Punjab, and until a short time ago the districts across the Indus were part of the Punjab.

Kashmir was included as it is impossible to form a satisfactory boundary in that direction, the greater number of the plants found in Kashmir grow in other parts of the Himalaya that are situated in the Punjab. This little book is not intended to take the place of a complete Flora, but to be used as a guide in helping to identify with but little difficulty any plant in the area. Each plant is supplied with a short description consisting ...

More information can be found at The Peerage and in the Preface of this book.

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