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album of indian fernsAlbum of Indian ferns



C. E. Baynes

Published by William Day, 21A, Berners Street, London, England.



C. E.Baynes was a colonial administrator who lived in the Shervaroy Hills, when he was in India.

From the Preface of this book: Encouraged by the kind wishes of friends, as well as the opinions of less partial advisers, I have ventured to publish my Album of Indian Ferns. In doing so I have simply given them their names, believing that any attempt at fuller description would not add to their value in the eyes of those merely seeking some idea of their natural beauty on their native hills ; while it would be unneeded by those already specially interested in the Fern Family, and who will regard them only as renewing or augmenting their acquaintance with it. I would gladly think that some who may glance at the results of my careful study, whether botanists or not, may experience some of the pleasure I enjoyed while pursuing it in my mountain abode on the Shevaroys.

The above information on this book can be found at the Preface of this book

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