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catalogue of plants in the botanical garden bangaloreCatalogue of plants in the botanical garden, Bangalore, and its vicinity



John Cameron

Printed at the Mysore Government Central Press, Bangalore, India.



John Cameron took over as the Superintendent of Lalbagh in March 1874. Like his predecessor, Cameron had a background in botany and had trained at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, then the centre of botanical research in the world. We don’t know too much about John Cameron the person. But whatever little we can glean from stray records and correspondence of John Cameron the official reveals a man full of ideas, action, and a passion for plants and horticulture.

The main reasons for the establishment of Lalbagh as a Government Botanical Garden in 1856 were the introduction of new useful species, the acclimatisation of these so that they could be taken to other places in India, and the education of ‘native’ farmers and gardeners on superior methods of horticulture and cultivation. Cameron pursued all these objectives with great fervour. Lalbagh’s first known plant census, done in 1861, records 1033 species. In the first six years that he took charge of Lal Bagh ...

More information can be found at Deccan Herald

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