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a manual of botany for indian forest studentsA manual of botany for Indian forest students



Robert Selby Hole

Printed by Superintendent Government Printing, Calcutta, India.



Robert Selby Hole (1875 - June 28, 1938) was an English botanist, 1 who worked extensively on the flora of India. In 1896 he arrived in India and was assigned to the central provinces and then to Dehra Dun . His research focused on forest compositions, vegetation cover and its relationship with its forest canopy.

This Manual has been prepared primarily for the use of the students of the Imperial Forest College, Dehra Dun. In the absence of a suitable botanical text-book a great deal of the time of the instructors and students at the Forest College has hitherto been spent in dictating and copying lecture notes, respectively. The publication of the present Manual, which contains the back-bone, as it were, of the College course of botanical lectures, will enable the instructor to profitably employ much of the time formerly wasted on dictation in repeating parts of the course, in further explaining and illustrating points which are found to give difficulty, and in frequently examining and explaining ...

More information can be found at Wikipedia and in the Preface part of this book

The standard author abbreviation used to indicate this person as the author, when citing a botanical name: Hole

9 plant species named BY Hole and 5 plant species named AFTER Hole.

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9 Plant species named BY Hole

The following 9 plant species names have been described and named BY Hole (Hole)


Albizia lathamii Hole, Indian Forest Rec. iv. 153, 157 (1913).

Eugenia barringtonii Hole ex Chalk & Chattaway, Trop. Woods 1935, No. 41, 24, nomen.

Eugenia barringtonii Hole ex Chalk & Chattaway, C. E. C. Fischer in Kew Bull. 1937, 438, pro syn.

Grewia hainesiana Hole, Indian Forester 43: 216 (1917).

Hopea canarensis Hole, Indian Forester 44: 575; et in Indian Forest Rec. vii. III. 1. (1918).

Ixora butterwickii Hole, Indian Forester 45: 16; et in Indian Forest Rec. vii. IV. 1. (1919).

Spodiopogon lacei Hole, Indian Forest Rec. v. 185 (1915).

Tamarix troupii Hole, Indian Forester 45: 248 (1919).

Ziziphus hysudrica (Edgew.) Hole, Indian Forester 44: 505 (1918).