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manual of indian forest utilizationManual of Indian forest utilization



Hugh Trotter

Published by Oxford University Press, London, England.



Hugh Trotter (1890 - ) was a Forest Economist with the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, India.

This Manual is intended primarily as a textbook for Indian Forest Ranger students and does not aim at being a comprehensive or complete manual of Indian forest utilization.

Troup’s Indian Forest Utilization was first published in 1907, and the second edition was issued in 1912. Since that date, not other general textbook on Indian forest utilization has been published. Troup’s manual is now out of print and is also somewhat out of date. The publication of a fresh textbook, therefore, requires no apology, and as there is now no Provincial Forest Service course in India, it was felt that an elementary treatment of the subject would serve a more useful purpose than a more complete and comprehensive work on utilization in all its aspects.

The compilation of a manual is seldom possible without the cooperation of several workers, and acknowledgements are due to all those who have helped to bring this work to completion. In the first place, it may be stated that reference has been made freely ...

More information can be found in the Preface of this book.

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