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the common commercial timbers of india and their usesThe common commercial timbers of India and their uses



Hugh Trotter

Published by Central Publication Branch, Government of India, Calcutta, India.



Hugh Trotter (1890 - ) was a Forest Economist with the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, India.

A great deal has been written, of late years, concerning the “vast forest wealth” of India. The fact remains, however, that except for teak and a few parcels of other timbers from Burma, Madras, and the Andamans, there is practically no export of timber from this country. In the same way, the Indian markets concentrate on teak, sal, deodar and a few other well-known woods, while local craftsmen content themselves with the cheapest timber available, whether suitable for the purpose for which it is intended or not.

This state of affairs could be understood, when the prices of the well-known woods were low, but during the past decade prices have risen considerably, and in some cases are now almost prohibitive to the consumer. Even the large timber users like the Railways, the Ordnance Department, and the Public Works Department began to grow anxious when the price of teak rose to a figure which was beyond all thought fifteen years ago. As a sequel to this unsatisfactory state of affairs, ...

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