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atlas ichthyologique des indes orientales néêrlandaisesAtlas ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Néêrlandaises
Ichthyological Atlas of the Dutch East Indies

publié sous les auspices du Gouvernement Colonial Néêrlandais
under the auspices of the Dutch Colonial Government

Volumes 1-8

Pieter Bleeker

Printed by De Breuk & Smits, Leiden.



Pieter Bleeker (July 10, 1819, Zaandam – January 24, 1878, The Hague) was a Dutch medical doctor, ichthyologist, and herpetologist. He was famous for the Atlas Ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Néêrlandaises, his monumental work on the fishes of East Asia published between 1862 and 1877.

Bleeker was employed as a medical officer in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army from 1842 to 1860,[1] stationed in Indonesia. During that time, he did most of his ichthyology work, besides his duties in the army. He acquired many of his specimens from local fishermen, but he also built up an extended network of contacts who would send him specimens from various government outposts throughout the islands. During his time in Indonesia, he collected well over 12,000 specimens, many of which currently reside at the Natural History Museum in Leiden. Bleeker corresponded with Auguste Duméril of Paris. His work in ichthyology and tropical medicine was recognised by two doctorates honoris causa (Leyden University, 1846; Utrecht University, 1849). ...

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