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the flowering plants of western indiaThe flowering plants of western India



Alexander Kyd Nairne

Published by W. H. Allen & Co., Limited, 13, Waterloo Place, S. W., London, England.



Alexander Kyd Nairne was a British botanist and naturalist.

This book is intended mainly for the use of two classes. Firstly, Englishmen and Englishwomen, whose duty calls them to Western India, and who without being, or intending to become, scientific botanists, wish to know something about the trees and flowers which surround them. And among these I specially think of those district officers who have (as I had myself for many years) to spend several months in each year more or less in the jungle, and with very little of English or educated society. Secondly, the educated natives of the country, whose inclination directs them more and more to intellectual pursuits. The study of natural history has spread so greatly, both in England and India, during the last twenty- five years, that there are many in both of the classes mentioned, to whom it must seem a hardship that there are so few books to help them in the study of any branch of natural science in India. For it is obvious that large and expensive books are not generally within the reach of

More information can be found inside the Preface of this book.

The standard author abbreviation used to indicate this person as the author, when citing a botanical name: Nairne

1 plant species named BY Nairne and 0 plant species named AFTER Nairne.

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1 Plant species named BY Nairne

The following 1 plant species names has been described and named BY Nairne (Nairne)


Pleurogyne minor (Griseb.) Nairne, Fl. Pl. W. India 193 (1894).

0 Plant species named AFTER Nairne
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