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notes on jerdon’s mammals of indiaNotes on Jerdon's mammals of India

by an Indian sportsman and lover of natural history


Andrew Cooke McMaster

Published by Higginbotham & Co., Madras, India.



Andrew Cooke McMaster (17 September 1824 – 22nd June 1879) was a Brigadier General in the Madras Army who died when in command of the Madras Brigade at Mooltan, Bengal, India.

THESE notes are merely the rough jottings down of an unscientific sportsman who does not for 'a moment suppose that there can be any information in them worthy of the information of a Naturalist, If however they corroborate that which has already been recorded by JERDON, or induce other hunters to take an interest in natural history, the aim of the writer will be attained. He has not mentioned anything which has not, or at any rate might not have, been seen by any keen Madras sportsman, of whom there are many scores better than he is, and still more whose power and experience in penmanship would have done far more justice to the subject. For this reason he has avoided the fascinating theme of field sports as much as possible. He craves pardon for having been more egotistical than a trained scribe would ; when self has been mentioned he has only wished to give evidence in the first person. He begs the eminent Naturalist on whose work these notes have been grafted to forgive his having ...

More information can be found inside the Preface of this book.

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