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fauna of british india poster 1914The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma

Part 2 of 3

Series of Scientific Books
Edited by

William Thomas Blanford,
Sir Arthur Everett Shipley,
John Stephenson

Published by Taylor and Francis, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London, England.



The Fauna of British India (short title) with long titles including The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma, and The Fauna of British India Including the Remainder of the Oriental Region is a series of scientific books that was published by the British government in India and printed by Taylor and Francis of London. The series was started sometime in 1881 after a letter had been sent to the Secretary of State for India signed by Charles Darwin, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker and other "eminent men of science" forwarded by P. L. Sclater to R. H. Hobart.

W. T. Blanford (7 October 1832 – 23 June 1905) was appointed editor and began work on the volume on mammals. After Blanford's death, Arthur Everett Shipley (10 March 1861 – 22 September 1927) became the editor. The first series was followed by a second edition of some of the volumes such a

s the mammals, birds, reptiles and butterflies. In 1922-23, Nelson Annandale sought to move the process of preparation of the books and its publication to India. The second edition is sometimes called the "new fauna". There were changes incorporated in this that included for instance the usage of trinomials for the birds. Following Shipley's death in 1927, Lieutenant Colonel John Stephenson, (6 February 1871 - 2 February 1933) formerly of the Indian Medical Service was appointed editor in May 1928. After Indian Independence in 1947 a few volumes were published under the new name of Fauna of India but some of the volumes that were under preparation were never published. The 1953 volume on polychaetes by Pierre Fauvel was published by the Indian Press from Allahabad.

© The writeup on this page is provided verbatim from The Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma
adobe readerPublic DomainNo CopyrightThe fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma - Part 2
Weevils, stag beetle, rhinoceros beetle, all other beetles and their allies

Andrewes, H. (1929). Carabidae Volume 1.

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Andrewes, H. (1935). Carabidae Volume 2.

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Arrow, G. J. (1910). Lamellicornia Volume 1.
Cetoniinae & Dynastinae

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Arrow, G. J. (1917). Lamellicornia Volume 2.
Rutelinae, Desmonycinae & Euchirinae

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Arrow, G. J. (1931). Lamellicornia Volume 3.

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Arrow, G. J. (1949). Lamellicornia Volume 4.
Lucanidae & Passalidae

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Arrow, G. J. (1925). Clavicornia
Erotylidae, Languriidae & Endomychidae

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Beeson, C. F. C. (?). Platypodidae

Browne, J. B. (never published) Dytiscidae, Gyrinidae and Haliplidae

Cameron, M. (1930). Staphylinidae Volume 1.
Micropeplinae, Oxytelinae, Oxyporinae, Megalopinae, Steninae, Enaesthetinae

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Cameron, M. (1934). Staphylinidae Volume 2.

Cameron, M. (1932). Staphylinidae Volume 3.
Staphylininae, Trichophyinae, Termitodiscinae, Pygosteninae, Tachyporinae)

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-36-coleoptera-staphylinidae-3.pdf (20mb)
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Cameron, M. (1939). Staphylinidae Volume 4. Part 1.
Subfamily: Pseudopernthinae and Aleocharinae (part)

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Cameron, M. (1939). Staphylindae Volume 4. Part 2.
Subfamily: Aleocharinae.

Fowler, W. (1912). Coleoptera
General introduction and Cicindelidae to Paussidae

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Gahan, C. (1906). Coleoptera

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Jacoby, M. & others (1908-1936). Chrysomelidae Volumes 1-4.

Jacoby died before the first volume was published.
See preface to the first volume by C. T. Bingham

Jacoby, M. (1908). Chrysomelidae Volume 1.
Eupodes, Camptosomes, Cyclica

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-40-coleoptera-chrysomelidae-jacoby-1.pdf (43mb)
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Maulik, S. (1919). Chrysomelidae Volume 2.
Hispinae and Cassidinae

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Maulik, S. (1926). Chrysomelidae Volume 3.
Chrysomelinae and Halticinae

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Maulik, S. (1936). Chrysomelidae Volume 4.

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Marshall, G. A. K. (1916). Rhynchophora, Curculionidae

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Sanctioned but not published

Beeson, C. F. C. (?). Scolytidae

Beeson, C. F. C. (?). Platypodidae

Stebbing, E. P. (?). Buprestidae

True flies or two-winged flies that includes mosquitoes, black flies, midges, fruit flies, house flies and their allies

Brunetti, E. (1912). Diptera Volume 1
Nematocera excluding Chironomidae & Culicidae

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Brunetti, E. (1920). Diptera Volume 2
Brachycera (Stratiomyiidae, Leptidae, Nemestinidae, Cyrtidae, Bombyliidae, Therevidae, Scenopinidae, Mydaidae, Empidae, Lonchopteridae, Platypezidae)

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-46-diptera-brunetti-2.pdf (28mb)
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Brunetti, E. (1923). Diptera Volume 3
Pipunculidae, Syrphidae, Conopidae, Oestridae

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-47-diptera-brunetti-3.pdf (29mb)
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Christophers, S. R. (1933). Diptera Volume 4.
Culicidae; tribe Anophelini

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Barraud, P. J. (1934). Diptera Volume 5
Culicidae; tribes Megarhinini & Culicini

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Senior-White, R., Aubertin, D. & Smart, J. (1940). Diptera Volume 6

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Hobby, B. M. (?). Diptera Volume 7.

Oldroyd, H. (?). Tabanidae

van Emden, F. (?). Muscidae

(Now known as Siphonaptera): Fleas and their allies

Sharif, M. (?). Fleas.

Ants, sawflies, wasps, bees and their allies

Bingham, C. T. (1897). Hymenoptera Volume 1.
Wasps and Bees

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-51-hymenoptera-bingham-1.pdf (43mb)
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Bingham, C. T. (1903). Hymenoptera Volume 2.
Ants and Cuckoo-wasps

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-52-hymenoptera-bingham-2.pdf (34mb)
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Morley, C. (1913). Hymenoptera Volume 3.
Ichneumonidae: Ichneumones, Deltoidei

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Butterflies, moths and their allies

Bingham, C. T. (1905). Butterflies Volume 1

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Bingham, C. T. (1907). Butterflies Volume 2
Papilionidae, Pieridae and Lycaenidae

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Hampson, G. (1892). Moths Volume 1.
Saturniidae to Hypsidae527 p - 333 fig

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Hampson, G. (1894). Moths Volume 2.
Arctiidae, Agrostidae, Noctuidae

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Hampson, G. (1895). Moths Volume 3.
Noctuidae (continued) to Geometridae

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Hampson, G. (1896). Moths Volume 4.

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-59-lepidoptera-moths-hampson-4.pdf (41mb)
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Bell, T. R. D. & Scott, F. B. (1937) Moths Volume 5.

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-60-lepidoptera-moths-bell-scott-5.pdf (48mb)
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Second edition

Talbot, G.(1939). Butterflies Volume 1
Papilionidae, Pieridae

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-61-lepidoptera-butterflies-talbot-2ed-1.pdf (30mb)
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Talbot, G. (1947). Butterflies Volume 2
Danaidae, Satyridae, Amathusiidae and Acraeidae.

Download file fauna/fauna-of-british-india/fauna-of-british-india-62-lepidoptera-butterflies-talbot-2ed-2.pdf (26mb)
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The fauna of British India, ... Part 1
The fauna of British India, ... Part 3